Massively Launches @WeatherNetwork Automated Chat on Twitter

Toronto, ON (Tuesday, November 1, 2016) Massively is pleased to announce its first automated conversational experience on Twitter as a beta participant for the launch of two of their new features– quick replies and welcome messages using Direct Messages. Today, Massively activates with The Weather Network (@WeatherNetwork), to deliver real-time customized weather forecasts and information.

The two new features allow businesses to connect with followers, delivering important information and prompting with responses to help guide the conversation, offer customer support and more.  Twitter users can access a personalized Automated Weather Chat with The Weather Network, using this innovative feature via the Direct Message button on @WeatherNetwork Twitter profile.  

Massively has developed a pathway for the successful integration of automated conversation, using Twitter’s developer tools and its own authoring platform. Massively’s in-house content creators will now be able to further develop responsive, efficient Twitter interactions that support businesses, brands and websites.

“It has been a pleasure to be an early participant in this new feature set,” said Massively President Russ Ward. “Since 2014, Massively has combined world-class conversational design with the most advanced artificial intelligence toolsets available. We are excited to deliver chat solutions that are a natural fit for brands who want to leverage Twitter’s conversational potential at scale.”

“We are thrilled to work with with Massively and Twitter to provide this first-in-market experience,” said Pierre Morrissette, Chairman, President and CEO, Pelmorex Media Inc. “The Weather Network is dedicated to continuously evolve the way consumers receive their weather information and this next step in digital innovation is just another way we’re bringing both new technology and weather services to Canadians.”

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Chat with @WeatherNetwork here.

Read more about new features on Twitter here.

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One-to-one at massive scale. Massively allows anyone to create and deploy polished chat bots. Launched in 2014, Massively manages your most important relationships by powering chatbots people actually want to talk to.

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About Pelmorex Media Inc.

Celebrating 27 years, Pelmorex Media Inc. is the parent company of The Weather Network, MétéoMédia, Pelmorex operates in Canada, the U.S., Spain, the U.K. and Germany. The Weather Network and its French counterpart MétéoMédia are Canada's most popular weather and information services on TV, web and mobile apps. Eltiempo is Spain's leading multi-platform weather information provider. Pelmorex also operates Canada’s National Alerting Aggregation and Dissemination System (Alert Ready) which aggregates and distributes emergency alerts issued by authorized government agencies.


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Our Bots: MyFonts

MyFonts has been one of the most popular font services online for well over a decade. With a massive database of fonts for download and sale, as well as one of the most groundbreaking and intuitive font recognition services around, it was a pleasure for our team at Massively to develop a chatbot solution for such an innovative company.

What’s amazing about MyFonts is that it does everything for designers and font lovers; allowing them to browse, identify and try out new fonts in a way that feels even more personal and fluid than browsing a list or a category. Our unique challenge was finding a way to distill the many features of the site into a streamlined chat experience.

Launched on Messenger, the MyFonts chatbot experience allows users to leverage all of MyFonts features within chat– explore new fonts by popularity and style, identify a font by sending an image sample, sample fonts easily with custom text and more.

Along the way we’ve learned that creating bots that serve many purposes is challenging, and the importance of creating a naturally-flowing conversation with content curated to the user’s interests and needs. We combine Suggested Responses that prompt with options like “more like this” and custom input allows users to interact as efficiently with the bot as they would with a website or app. For users more interested in efficiency, we ensured quick navigation via a persistent menu in the bottom left corner. Users can also submit their contact details through chat to be contacted for customer service issues.

MyFonts can do almost anything when it comes to fonts, and we are excited to have launched a bot that brings it all together in chat.

Check out the MyFonts bot here.

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Massively at Talkabot in TX

On September 28-29, we brought ordering coffee into the 21st century with Kik Interactive Inc.'s coffee bot at the inaugural Talkabot conference in Austin, Texas. This brand new event showcased companies on the cutting edge of the bot space, and the Coffee Bot allowed conference-goers to submit their coffee orders on Kik to have their caffeine needs instantly met.

Throughout the event, more than two thirds of Talkabot's chat-savvy attendees ordered hundreds of drinks from the charming Australian barista-bot, Ken, who engaged coffee-drinkers in small talk and told jokes as he took drink orders. Users called it "a personal highlight," including one superfan who ordered 14 times. 

Contact us to bring @KikCoffeeBot to a conference near you.
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New Hire Announcement - Head of Sales

Toronto, ON (Wednesday, September 21, 2016) – Massively is thrilled to welcome Chris Faulds as Head of Sales. In his new role, Chris will be responsible for developing Massively’s growing client portfolio, which includes projects in branded chat, persistent chat solutions and digital marketing executions. Massively has created campaigns for Paramount Pictures, General Electric, 20th Century Fox and The Indianapolis Colts, among others.

Chris comes to Massively with nearly 20 years experience in traditional and digital media sales at companies including Bell Media, World Wrestling Entertainment Canada, CTV and BBM Canada. He has held senior digital sales management roles in addition to his independent consulting practice, spanning the broadcast, entertainment and telecommunications industries.

Chris has a successful, proven record of facilitating long term relationships with clients and agency partners in digital media. His leadership, dedication to customer service and goal-oriented approach are assets that will complement and enhance Massively’s objectives.

For more information, product and client inquiries, please contact Chris Faulds at

About Massively Inc.

One-to-one at massive scale. Massively allows anyone to create and deploy polished chat bots. Launched in 2014, Massively manages your most important relationships by powering chatbots people actually want to talk to.

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Massively Brings Bots to the Next Level

Launches Bot Development Platform, Over 200M Messages Exchanged

Toronto, ON (Thursday, June 16, 2016)Massively is thrilled to announce the launch of its bot developer platform, which aims to empower anyone to begin building and instantly deploying chat bot solutions anywhere messages can be sent and received.

The platform launches with a bot-development toolkit open to all users, and is accessible to those with no programming experience. It is free to use, and encourages developers to experiment and deploy bots.

“Since 2014, we have continuously broken new ground for chat,” said Russell Ward, President of Massively. “Messaging is now an essential medium for meaningful relationships between brands and individuals. Our unmatched track record for creating polished bots uniquely positions us to support developers and companies entering this space.”

Massively allows developers to integrate external data sources and artificial intelligence agents for bots that can deliver customized, up-to-date details on topics such as sports and weather, as well as store preferences and response data for enhanced conversations. Developers can also integrate rich media, e-commerce solutions and seamlessly connect users to live customer service. Massively provides dynamic, in-depth analytics and real-time updates.

Massively Managed Services has also expanded to offer a slate of strategic and campaign-oriented chat bot solutions developed and implemented by Massively’s chat experts.

Massively recently surpassed 200 million messages exchanged across a variety of top messaging platforms, and has executed successful campaigns for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, The Forest, Degrassi: Next Class, Insidious: Chapter 3 and the Indianapolis Colts, among others.



About Massively Inc.

One-to-one at massive scale. Massively allows anyone to create and deploy polished chat bots. Launched in 2014, Massively manages your most important relationships by powering chat bots people actually want to talk to. For more information, visit

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Massively is Hiring!

Junior Developer

Massively is growing! We are looking for a Junior Developer eager to jump into the startup space to join our ranks, help us build bots, and make our platform even more awesome.

New grads very welcome, as are summer students (preferably 3rd year or higher.)

Here's the fine print.

Technical Skills:

- Proficient in JavaScript

- Experience with nodejs an asset

- Experience building web APIs

- Experience using 3rd party APIs

Our Dream Teammate is...

- A quick study and an independent thinker

- Skilled at identifying strengths and weaknesses in all kinds of products, especially apps and bots

- Loves solving puzzles and being assigned to challenging tasks

How to Apply

Contact us at

The Past 6 Months

It’s been just over 6 months since we launched Massively, so it seems like a good time to share what we’ve accomplished so far.

Massively was created to connect people with the characters, stories and brands they love. In our first six months we’ve been featured in Springwise as one of the best new business ideas from around the world, been nominated as a finalist in the Global Editors Network’s “Startups for News” Competition and been praised for “devising one of the most creative campaigns thus far” for our Insidious 3 campaign for Focus Features.

But a conversation goes two ways, and so the biggest milestone for us has been surpassing more than one million chats on Kik. We’ve exchanged more than 34 million messages over the course of those million conversations. We take this as proof that we’ve created some pretty meaningful experiences. And today we’ve launched another collaboration with Kik and super-cool LA entertainment agency Trailer Park for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials from Twentieth Century Fox. The campaign marks the first time that a brand has used GIFs on Kik - delivered through the TalkToWCKD story experience powered by Massively. The WCKD character leads users through a series of challenges to escape the maze. Think you can make it through The Scorch Trials? #TalktoWCKD to see if you pass the test:

We originally saw Massively as a storytelling platform - messaging as a mechanism to deliver interactive stories. As we’ve developed and launched increasingly innovative and collaborative projects, we’ve realized that we’ve become something more. What we’ve created is a platform that allows entities– brands, publishers, businesses, or fictional characters, to have one-to-one conversations with millions of customers and fans at once.

We’ve also learned that “chat” is an exploding channel. There are over 3 billion users of chat apps like Viber, Tango, Line, WhatsApp and Kik who will collectively deliver over 63 trillion messages by 2018 (kinda makes our 34 million seem tiny). Twitter and Facebook are focusing more and more on their respective direct messaging products to keep users engaged and generate new revenue. At the same time, SMS revenue is projected to grow to $60 billion by 2018 as more companies use A2P SMS (application-to-person messages) to reach customers.

Chat is rapidly becoming a powerful customer service solution and being used for concierge services like Magic/Luka which provide self-service ordering, personal assistant services and restaurant recommendations. Messaging facilitates a plethora of marketing opportunities from branded content to outbound push notifications. The outcome is that brands can connect with and satisfy customers in new and personalized ways. We’ve discovered that Massively can power all of these things.

Chat is the killer app for mobile. We’re excited to be in this space and to continue Massively’s mission to create conversations that delight people, interactions that they find valuable and that offer an experience.  

Massively Chat Game Terrifies Insidious Fans and Newcomers Alike

Chilling Text-Based Story Reaches 16 Million Interactions

Toronto, ON (Wednesday, June 17, 2015) – To date, more than 16 million messages have been exchanged with Massively’s interactive story supporting the launch of the feature film Insidious: Chapter 3. Created in collaboration with Kik Interactive Inc., the chat-based story introduces users to Quinn Brenner, the film’s teenage heroine. Insidious: Chapter 3 arrived in theatres on Friday, June 5.

Since its launch on Tuesday, March 17, nearly 260,000 chatters have exchanged over 16 million messages with Quinn on Kik, with each chatter spending an average of more than three days immersed in the popular horror series’ universe. Each story plays out uniquely based on user input, creating an individualized experience that reveals plot points and characters from the upcoming film.

Inspired by the idea that fans want to chat with characters they love, Massively draws from multiple choice adventures and alternate reality games. Users send and receive text messages to guide stories, receive clues, jokes and more.

Massively’s offerings on Kik include Lord of Riddles, a challenging quiz that has already attracted more than 440,000 players. To date, users have exchanged more than eight million messages with Massively’s riddle master.


About Massively Inc.

Massively is a content platform that merges traditional narrative with mobile chat to create interactive stories. Massively was launched in 2014 by the storytelling experts at House of Cool as a way to extend stories and engage audiences in a new and innovative way. For more information, visit

About Insidious: Chapter 3

Insidious: Chapter 3, the newest chapter in the terrifying horror series, opened domestically nationwide from Focus Features on Friday, June 5, 2015. MPAA-rated “PG-13,” Insidious: Chapter 3 stars Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, and Lin Shaye, with the latter trio reprising their roles from the first two movies in the franchise. The Focus Features release is written and directed by Mr. Whannell, franchise co-creator. This chilling prequel, set before the haunting of the Lambert family, reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier (Ms. Shaye) reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl (Ms. Scott) who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity.


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Heather Labonté

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