Our Bots: MyFonts

MyFonts has been one of the most popular font services online for well over a decade. With a massive database of fonts for download and sale, as well as one of the most groundbreaking and intuitive font recognition services around, it was a pleasure for our team at Massively to develop a chatbot solution for such an innovative company.

What’s amazing about MyFonts is that it does everything for designers and font lovers; allowing them to browse, identify and try out new fonts in a way that feels even more personal and fluid than browsing a list or a category. Our unique challenge was finding a way to distill the many features of the site into a streamlined chat experience.

Launched on Messenger, the MyFonts chatbot experience allows users to leverage all of MyFonts features within chat– explore new fonts by popularity and style, identify a font by sending an image sample, sample fonts easily with custom text and more.

Along the way we’ve learned that creating bots that serve many purposes is challenging, and the importance of creating a naturally-flowing conversation with content curated to the user’s interests and needs. We combine Suggested Responses that prompt with options like “more like this” and custom input allows users to interact as efficiently with the bot as they would with a website or app. For users more interested in efficiency, we ensured quick navigation via a persistent menu in the bottom left corner. Users can also submit their contact details through chat to be contacted for customer service issues.

MyFonts can do almost anything when it comes to fonts, and we are excited to have launched a bot that brings it all together in chat.

Check out the MyFonts bot here.

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