The Past 6 Months

It’s been just over 6 months since we launched Massively, so it seems like a good time to share what we’ve accomplished so far.

Massively was created to connect people with the characters, stories and brands they love. In our first six months we’ve been featured in Springwise as one of the best new business ideas from around the world, been nominated as a finalist in the Global Editors Network’s “Startups for News” Competition and been praised for “devising one of the most creative campaigns thus far” for our Insidious 3 campaign for Focus Features.

But a conversation goes two ways, and so the biggest milestone for us has been surpassing more than one million chats on Kik. We’ve exchanged more than 34 million messages over the course of those million conversations. We take this as proof that we’ve created some pretty meaningful experiences. And today we’ve launched another collaboration with Kik and super-cool LA entertainment agency Trailer Park for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials from Twentieth Century Fox. The campaign marks the first time that a brand has used GIFs on Kik - delivered through the TalkToWCKD story experience powered by Massively. The WCKD character leads users through a series of challenges to escape the maze. Think you can make it through The Scorch Trials? #TalktoWCKD to see if you pass the test:

We originally saw Massively as a storytelling platform - messaging as a mechanism to deliver interactive stories. As we’ve developed and launched increasingly innovative and collaborative projects, we’ve realized that we’ve become something more. What we’ve created is a platform that allows entities– brands, publishers, businesses, or fictional characters, to have one-to-one conversations with millions of customers and fans at once.

We’ve also learned that “chat” is an exploding channel. There are over 3 billion users of chat apps like Viber, Tango, Line, WhatsApp and Kik who will collectively deliver over 63 trillion messages by 2018 (kinda makes our 34 million seem tiny). Twitter and Facebook are focusing more and more on their respective direct messaging products to keep users engaged and generate new revenue. At the same time, SMS revenue is projected to grow to $60 billion by 2018 as more companies use A2P SMS (application-to-person messages) to reach customers.

Chat is rapidly becoming a powerful customer service solution and being used for concierge services like Magic/Luka which provide self-service ordering, personal assistant services and restaurant recommendations. Messaging facilitates a plethora of marketing opportunities from branded content to outbound push notifications. The outcome is that brands can connect with and satisfy customers in new and personalized ways. We’ve discovered that Massively can power all of these things.

Chat is the killer app for mobile. We’re excited to be in this space and to continue Massively’s mission to create conversations that delight people, interactions that they find valuable and that offer an experience.